Ano 2010 - Volume 30, Número 3

Doenças neurológicas de ovinos na região Central do Rio Grande do Sul, 30(3):222-228

ABSTRACT.- Rissi D.R, Fighera R.A., Irigoyen L.F., Kommers G.D. & Barros C.S.L. 2010. [Neurological diseases in sheep from central Rio Grande do Sul state, southern Brazil.] Doenças neurológicas de ovinos na região Central do Rio Grande do Sul. Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira 30(3):222-228. Departamento de Patologia, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Av. Roma 1000, Camobi, 97105-900 Santa Maria, RS, Brazil. E-mail:

A retrospective study of neurological diseases of sheep in southern Brazil was conducted over an 18-year period (1990-2007). A data base search was carried out in the files of the Laboratory of Veterinary Pathology (LPV) of the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM), central Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil. A total of 586 sheep were examined. These cases corresponded to necropsies performed in the LPV-UFSM or to mailed in samples from practitioners. Out of these, 69 experimental cases were excluded from this study. The remaining 517 cases were composed of 361 (69.8%) cases with conclusive diagnoses and 156 (30.2%) cases with inconclusive diagnoses. In 58 (16%) occasions, sheep died in consequence of neurological disease. Most important diseases included coenurosis (15 cases or 25.8%), listeriosis (9 cases or 15.5%), tetanus (8 cases or 13.7%), vertebral abscesses (4 cases or 6.8%), and cerebral abscesses (3 cases or 5.1%). Poisoning by Erytroxylum argentinum, post-caudectomy suppurative myelitis, fibrinosuppurative meningoencephalitis, polioencephalomalacia, rabies (2 cases or 3.4% each) were occasionally diagnosed. Spinal cord demyelinization, encephalic white matter edema, focal symmetrical encephalomalacia, hydranencephalia, cerebellar hypoplasia, poisoning by organophosphate, poisoning by Solanum pseudocapsicum, fibrinosuppurative myelitis, and presumptive closantel toxicity (1 case or 1.7% each) were rarely seen.
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