Ano 2010 - Volume 30, Número 3

Infecção por Anaplasma marginale em bovinos na Amazônia Sul Ocidental, Brasil, 30(3):249-254

ABSTRACT.- Brito L.G., Oliveira M.C.S., Rocha R.B., Silva Netto F.G., Marim A.D., Souza G.C.R. & Moura M.M.F. 2010. Anaplasma marginale infection in cattle from south-western Amazônia. [Infecção por Anaplasma marginale em bovinos na Amazônia Sul Ocidental, Brasil.] Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira 30(3):249-254. Embrapa Rondônia, BR 364 Km 5,5, Porto Velho, RO 78900-970, Brazil. E-mail:

The present study provides the first epidemiological data regarding infection by Anaplasma marginale in cattle reared in south-western Brazilian Amazonia. One simple procedure was adapted for the extraction of DNA from blood clots collected in seven microregions of Rondônia State and two mesoregions of Acre State. PCR method was used to asses the frequency of A. marginale infections in 4 to12-month-old cattle. The cattle infection was investigated by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using the specific primer “msp5” for A. marginale. The DNA amplifications revealed that the mean frequency of A. marginale infection was 98.6% (1,627/1,650) in samples from Rondonia, and 92.87% (208/225) in samples from Acre. The high frequency of A. marginale infections in 4 to 12-month-old cattle indicate a situation of enzootic stability in the studied areas and are comparable to those detected by immunodiagnosis in different endemic regions in Brazil. The DNA extraction of clotted blood method described here can be used for epidemiological studies on anaplasmosis and other bovine hemoparasites.
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