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Termo utilizado na pesquisa Serum amyloid A

#1 - Serum amyloid A and muscle activity biomarkers in horses submitted to equestrian show jumping

Abstract in English:

The aim of this study was to evaluate the serum amyloid A (SAA) and biomarkers of muscle activity of horses submitted to show jumping activity. To do this, the variables SAA, glucose, lactate and the biomarkers creatine kinase (CK) and aspartate amino transferase (AST) were evaluated in 10 horses submitted to the show jumping exercise in a tournament for beginners. The evaluations occurred before exercise (T0), immediately after (T1), 30 minutes (T2), 60 minutes (T3) and 24 hours after the end (T4). Data were evaluated using analysis of variance for repeated measures. The statistical software SAEG 9.1 was used to verify the level of significance between the moments for P<0.05. Glucose presented a difference between the moments T0 (97.7±13.3mg/dL) and T1 (79.7±14.1mg/dL). Lactate presented elevation in T1 (15.3±6.1mmol/L) compared to the others T0 (3.8±0.8mmol/L), T2 (6.5±3.9mmol/L), T3 (5.3±2.2mmol/L) and T4 (5.1±1.6mmol/L). The CK showed a significant difference between T0 (82.8±51.2U/L) and T1 (140.1±58.5U/L) and between T4 (74.4±43.1U/L) with T1 (140.1±58.5U/L). The AST presented no difference between moments. The show jumping activity with one-meter obstacles did not induce changes in the SAA protein between the moments

Abstract in Portuguese:

O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a amilóide sérica A (SAA) e biomarcadores de atividade muscular de equinos submetidos a atividade de salto, ou hipismo clássico. Para tanto, foram avaliadas as variáveis SAA, glicose, lactato e os biomarcadores creatina quinase (CK) e aspartatoaminotransferase (AST) em 10 equinos submetidos ao exercício de saltos em torneio para iniciantes. As avaliações ocorreram antes do exercício (T0), imediatamente após (T1), 30 minutos (T2), 60 minutos (T3) e 24 horas após o término (T4). Os dados foram avaliados utilizando análise de variância para medidas repetidas. O software estatístico SAEG 9.1 foi utilizado para verificar o nível de significância entre os momentos para P<0,05. A glicose diferenciou-se entre os momentos T0 (97.7±13.3mg/dL) e T1 (79.7±14.1mg/dL). O lactado apresentou elevação comparada com o momento T1(15.3±6.1mmol/L) e os demais T0 (3.8±0.8mmol/L), T2 (6.5±3.9mmol/L), T3 (5.3±2.2mmol/L) e T4 (5.1±1.6mmol/L). A CK mostrou diferença significativa entre T0 (82.8±51.2U/L) e T1 (140.1±58.5U/L) e entre T4 (74.4±43.1U/L) com T1 (140.1±58.5U/L). A AST não apresentou diferença entre os momentos. A atividade de hipismo clássico com obstáculos de um metro não induziu alterações na proteína SAA entre os momentos.

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