Ano 2009 - Volume 29, Número 10

Influência do escroto bipartido sobre as temperaturas dos testículos e escroto em caprinos, 29(10):797-802

ABSTRACT.- Machado Júnior A.A.N., Miglino M.A., Menezes D.J.A., Assis Neto A.C., Leiser R., Silva R.A.B. & Carvalho M.A.M. 2009. Influence of the bipartite scrotum on the testicular and scrotal temperatures in goats. [Influência do escroto bipartido sobre as temperaturas dos testículos e escroto em caprinos.] Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira 29(10):797-802. Curso de Medicina Veterinária, Universidade Federal do Piauí, Campus Profa Cinobelina Elvas, Bom Jesus, PI 64900-000, Brazil. E-mail:

The influence of the scrotal bipartition and of the year period on the scrotal-testicular thermal regulation was evaluated in male goats raised in Piaui State, Brazil. Eighteen male goats at mating age were accomplished in this study and arranged into three Groups (6 animals each) obeying the classification as goats presenting no scrotal bipartition (Group I), goats showing scrotal bipartition at 50% of the testicular length (Group II), and goats with more than 50% of scrotal bipartition (Group III). The scrotal, testicular and spermatic funiculi temperatures were evaluated invasively with the aid of a digital thermometer and non-invasive with a pyrometer in the proximal, medial and distal portion. The data were acquired during the dry (October-November) and rainy (February-March) period of the year, measured in two shifts: morning (6h00-7h00) and afternoon (14h00-15h00). The results were submitted to variance analysis (ANOVA) following the SNK test for average comparison (p<0.05). The year period interfered on the scrotal-testicular thermal regulation, due to increased temperatures of the scrotal, testicular and spermatic funiculi during the dry period in comparison with the rainy period. The bipartition level was also a factor which contributed to the influence of scrotal-testicular temperature regulation, due to lower average scrotal-testicular temperature rates observed during both periods in the goats with higher levels of scrotal bipartition (>50%). It is possible to conclude that with the experimental conditions applied on this study, the level of scrotal bipartition and the climatic conditions interfere with the scrotal-testicular thermal regulation in goats.
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