Ano 2010 - Volume 30, Número 3

Intoxicação por Trema micrantha (Ulmaceae) em caprinos no Estado de Santa Catarina, 30(3):191-194

ABSTRACT.- Gava A., Lucioli J., Furlan F.H., Leal M.B. & Traverso S.D. 2010. [Poisoning by Trema micrantha (Ulmaceae) in goats in the State of Santa Catarina.] Intoxicação por Trema micrantha (Ulmaceae) em caprinos no Estado de Santa Catarina. Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira 30(3):191-194. Departamento de Medicina Veterinária, Centro de Ciências Agroveterinárias, Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina, Lages, SC 88520-000, Brazil. E-mail:

Twenty five goats, maintained in paddocks, had died in five subsequent days after have been offered leaves, mixed in the ration, of Trema micrantha, a tree commonly called grandiúva. Four animals were necropsied and samples were collected for histopathology. Clinical signs included apathy, anorexia, head pressing against obstacles, decubitus and death. Macroscopic findings included suffusions in the epi- and endocardium, a yellowish liver with pronounced lobular pattern, in one goat, the liver presented additionally multiple visible hemorrhages. Histological examination revealed centrilobular to massive hepatic necrosis consistent with acute liver toxicosis. In the brain, satelitosis, neuronal swelling, and perineuronal and perivascular edema was found. The diagnosis of poisoning by Trema micrantha was based in the clinical picture characteristic of toxic hepatitis associated in the feeding of the plant to the goats.
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